About Ahlburg Sprog

The idea of personal teaching – with better results

Back in 2019 Danish tutor Mikkel Ahlburg founded ”Ahlburg Sprog”.

Based on his long experience teaching international groups abroad as well as in Denmark, he wanted to offer people from abroad a new teaching method.

The method is simple: Personal, engaging teaching – with faster results.

“Until Ahlburg Sprog was founded the students could either attend the public language schools and have lessons in big classes with varying levels and changing teachers – or they could pay a fortune to a private company, “ Mikkel says.

“In the last case the educators are often students with no or a minimum of teaching experience.”

Individual needs – individual motivation required

The idea of Ahlburg Sprog was clear:  Mikkel saw a need to adapt each lesson to the needs of the individual student, while at the same time being very focused on the student’s motivation to learn.

By adapting each online Danish lesson to the individual student, he ensures the motivation remains high.

“From my education and long experience in teaching I know that every person learns in his/her own way. Therefore, I know that it is usually very difficult to learn a new language by sitting in a class with twenty other students, “ Mikkel says.

“I want to offer each person the best possible way to learn Danish. And the best results are achieved when the lessons are adapted to the level, needs and goals of each student. When the students are motivated and the lessons are flexible, they have time for their full-time job, family, and hobbies.”

Current and previous experience:

  • Owner and teacher of Ahlburg Sprog
  • Freelance at Berlitz Language Services A/S
  • Freelance at International Communication A/S
  • Self-employed teacher for adults Chania, Crete
  • Teacher at “Den Danske Skole og Kulturforening”, Chania, Crete
  • Teacher at “Thyregod Skole”, Vejle, Denmark

The way of teaching

The easiest way to learn and improve a new language is simply by using it. At Ahlburg Sprog we focus a lot on motivating the students to improve their confidence in using the Danish language.

We plan each class to make it fit the everyday life of the individual student. During the classes we adjust the lessons to match the student’s motivation, needs and goals.

Would you like to:

  • Improve your small talk skills?
  • Be ready for the Danish job market?
  • Comfortably talk to people in stores or in your children’s school?

Let Alhburg Sprog help you!

The material used for lessons

We use the material “Trin For Trin” for the lessons. The material is created specifically for internationals and has plenty of great exercises for reading, listening, and speaking.

Furthermore, the textbooks meet the requirements for the different exams at the Danish language schools.

The material is carefully selected to make you benefit as much as possible from the lessons.


Mikkel, Owner & teacher

Mikkel is an educated teacher and has been teaching international groups abroad and in Denmark. He believes that each and every student should have the kind of teaching that they need.

Therefore, he founded Ahlburg Sprog which offers adapted Danish classes and a great flexibility.


Cecilia has a master's degree from Aarhus University in Scandinavian language and literature.

She has a broad teaching profile in both music and language, and has taught Danish at primary, secondary and university level

Since completing her master's degree in 2020, she has further trained as an opera singer and therefore has great professional expertise in prosody and phonetic aspects of language learning.


Bodil has a master in Danish language and literature from Danish Pedagogical University and Southern University and is a trained English and German Teacher from University College Lillebælt.

She likes the close contact with the students, and it gives her the possibility of a thorough teaching in which she can adapt the lessons individually, so they suit everyone.


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