About Ahlburg Sprog

About Mikkel

I am Mikkel Ahlburg Byrgesen and I have started Ahlburg Sprog.

I try my best to meet the needs and goal of the individual person, and therefore I have specialized in composing online Danish lessons for every need.

I am an educated elementary school teacher with a focus in Danish language, kids with special needs, geography and social studies.
For four years I was teaching the upper classes in a school placed in Vejle Kommune. In 2018 I chose to resign my position to try something new. I was given the opportunity to come to Greece where I was offered a position in helping to build up a school for Danish / Greek children.

Alongside my work with the school, I worked as freelance with firms, who wanted their staff and managers to learn Danish and about the Danish culture.
In late 2019, I returned to Denmark, and I chose to build up a buisness, which offers to help companies and private persons, who want to learn or improve their Danish language.

By my education and long experience in teaching I know that every person learn in their own way. Therefore, I also know that it can be difficult to learn a new language by sitting in a class with twenty other persons. Therefore, I decided to make Ahlburg Sprog. To offer individual classes, for the individual person and with as much of flexibility as possible.
Mikkel Ahlburg Byrgesen

Current and previous experience:

  • Owner and teacher of Ahlburg Sprog
  • Freelance at Berlitz Language Services A/S
  • Freelance at International Communication A/S
  • Self-employed teacher for adults Chania, Crete
  • Teacher at “Den Danske Skole og Kulturforening”, Chania, Crete
  • Teacher at “Thyregod Skole”, Vejle, Denmark

The way of teaching

The best way of improving a new language is by using it. At Ahlburg Sprog we focus a lot on motivating of the students, so they improve their confidence in using the Danish language.
We compose each class, so they fit into the everyday life of the individual student. During the classes we adjust the lessons, so they match the motivation, needs and goal for each person.

So, would you like:

  • Improving your small talk skills?
  • Be ready for the Danish job market?
  • Talk to persons in stores or in your children’s school?

Let Alhburg Sprog help you!

Our materials

In the classes the students and I use the material called “Trin For Trin”.

The material is meant for internationals, who want to learn the Danish language. It contains a lot of exercises in reading, listening and talking.

Furthermore, the textbooks meet the standards of the requirements of the different exams at the Danish language schools.
Ahlburg Sprog select a material, so you benefit as much as possible from the lessons.

DP1, DP2, DP3 and Studieprøven

It can be required that you at some point pass one or more of the exams meant for internationals living in Denmark. Maybe you want to join an higher education in Denmark, your work situation requires one of the exams or you want to have family reunification.

Passing one of the exams shows, that you are able to understand, read, write and talk Danish at a certain level. Furthermore, passing the exams shows, that you know how the Danish society works.

Ahlburg Sprog gets a lot of inquiries from persons, who want help to improve their skills and be ready for one of the exams. Together we make a plan depending on the scheduled exam, and then we focus on the different parts of the exam. Our experience is, that it makes great results, because the teaching will be one to one, and in that way, we can focus on the needs of the individual person and make sure, that he or her feels ready to join the exam.