Five reasons for you to learn the Danish language and culture to know:

1. It helps you to get a job
Whilst English is widely spoken in Denmark, it can still be tough to get a job without having Danish language skills. The reality is that if it's a choice between a Danish speaker and a non Danish speaker, the former will usually get the job.

2 It helps you build a network and make friends
Denmark is very much a ‘who you know’ culture and Danes already have strong networks based on years of education and work. This can be easier to penetrate if you can speak Danish. You can join more local Facebook groups, and link up with people who can help you out both socially and professionally more than other expats can.

3. Look at learning Danish as an investment
Analysis show that it is easier to get a job or to handle your studies in Denmark, if you are able to understand and speak some Danish. Therefore you need to look at learning Danish as an investment in your future. So, if you are willing to spend some of your time and money in learning Danish, it can end up being on of the best investment you have done.

4. It helps you feel less isolated
Understanding even the basics of a language means that you can enter into small talk, you can read news headlines, understand the adverts you see and start to understand a little more about local and popular culture. This in turn helps you feel more integrated and less isolated and let’s you focus less on ‘us and them’ and more on getting on with your new life.

5. It’s the polite thing to do
Would you have liked people from abroad, who lived in your country to try to speak your language?
Danes will appreciate the attempt even if they swiftly swap into English and you will find you get a better reception for your conversation or request if you have tried to meet them half way.
Also work colleagues may want to relax at lunch and break times and not have to make a big effort to speak in a language that isn't theirs.

Mikkel Ahlburg Byrgesen