Reviews and recommendations

Focus on your needs

Long time experience in teaching

Professional material provided

Current and former jobs:

- Self employed, Ahlburg Sprog

. Freelance at Berlitz Language Services A/S 

- Freelance at International Communication A/S

- Self employed teacher for adults Chania, Crete

- Teacher at "Den Danske Skole og Kulturforening", Chania, Crete

- Teacher at "Thyregod Skole", Vejle, Denmark

Some of the texts has been translated into English from Danish. Please find the originals here. 


I have had experience with schools where they teach Danish to foreigners but the experience with Ahlburg Sprog is much better. It is possible to focus on one thing a time and it gives deeper understanding about pronunciation.

Maria, engineer, CP test a/s

I was afraid to make mistakes while speaking Danish. So I needed af teacher, who wanted to listen af correct me at the same time. For me the dialogs are therefore very important. 
It was my first time doing online lessons, so I had my doubts about the outcome. But now I can tell, that the flexible schedule and the tailored lesson fits me very well. 

Martina, Varde, South of Denmark, originally from Croatia 
Former student of DP3. Now she would like to pass the "Studieprøven", which allows her to get an higher education.

I do warmly recomment "Ahlburg Sprog" for everyone who wants to develope their Danish language.

I did have 25 lessons to improve my Danish and to prepare my self for the "Studieprøve". I am really satisfied, and I feel I got a lot out of the lessons.

I think the teacher is proficiently skilled and prepared for the lessons. I've gotten more out of it than I expected.

I have become better at organizing my texts, arguing, explaining and expressing myself. Both orally and in writing.

The teaching was dynamic and interesting, and during the lessons I have been given answers to all my questions.

I liked that the teacher showed my mistakes which I was not aware of. I have been given many useful advices to better manage my presentations.

The price is a little high, but quality is present.

Maya, South of Fyn, Denmark

Originally from Slovenia
Former student of "Studieprøven" in Denmark and would now like to get in to the university of Denmark to study "International Communication

It was my first time trying online teaching and it exceeded expectations. I felt safe and close to the teacher, even though we only saw each other on the screen.

 The teaching was professional and composed to my needs. 

The teacher chose texts that were at my level and relevant to my study. The debate with the teacher based on the texts has allowed me to improve my oral communication on a more professional level than in the everyday life. 

 G. Dimopoulos Group of Companies, Kambos Village, Agia Marina, Chania 

Mikkel provided excellent material that we were to study with him and at home. He was also concerned about developing our interests in the Danish language further, as he provided updated material concerning the danish culture, business and society.

Mikkel was not our first teacher in Danish, and to be honest we were lucky to meet him, as he managed to undo the chaos our first Danish teacher had created regarding the Danish language. Mikkel knew where to start from and how to continue. He was ready to understand our professional needs that at the time required a relevant command of the Danish language.

Employer, HCS A/S Transport & Spediton - Crete Service Center, Kalives, Crete

My original motivation for learning Danish stemmed from my job, where I work for a Danish transport firm. Despite corresponding primarily in English, there are often times when it is essential I have a basic understanding of the Danish language; particularly when communicating with clients or colleagues based in Denmark. Mikkel has more than helped me achieve this.

Our lesson format has been one-to-one, face-to-face lessons once or twice per week (depending on my availability), which I have been attending for just over a year. During this time I have found Mikkel to be appropriately supportive and patient to my requirements. He has kept the lessons structured in a way that allows for variation, which helps keep them engaging and staves off any boredom. He is also very good at keeping the lessons on track to my goals, ensuring I focus only on the aspects of the language that will help me achieve them. I would highly recommend Mikkel to people looking to learn the Danish language.

The Danish School and the cultural assosiation - in cooperation with the Royal Danish Consulate

We see Mikkel as an always happy and smiling person. He always

receives the children in a good mood. He is very punctual and serious

with his work, which at the same time adds a good deal of humor. With

his professional competence as well as comradeship and happy manner, have

Mikkel provided invaluable capacity to our school.