Online private lessons

Online private lessons
Do you want to improve your Danish language skills, or do you want to learn it from the beginning in a relaxing atmosphere?
Experience shows that if you improve your Danish language skills, it is much easier to find a job and integrate.
We do our best to meet the needs of the individual person. Therefore, we always offer to have an online meeting to talk about your needs and goals. Based on that information we can adapt the classes to you, so you will benefit from it as much as possible.
Safe and relaxing atmosphere
You improve your learning quickly, when you are having fun, and when you feel relaxed. We try our best to provide Danish classes, where you can learn the language in a safe and relaxing atmosphere. So far our students agree. Read the reviews.
Flexible classes
Ahlburg Sprog provides a very flexible schedule. We simply discuss the schedule for our classes from week to week. By doing that you will have the most flexible Danish classes. You may be busy working or studying, or your calendar may be a mess. It will not be a problem.
Tailored prices
The prices depend on your needs. Contact me to get a great offer which matches your level, goal and needs.

Start learning

Mikkel Ahlburg Byrgesen, founder of Ahlburg Sprog. Write or call me now to get started with learning Danish.