Online Group lessons

Online group lessons

If you prefer to learn a new language in a group, and if you like to have dialogs with other students, then you should join the group lessons. In a group lesson it is possible to have a lot of dialogs in real life scenarios, and in that way the students practice their vocabulary. By attending a group lesson, you will learn with others in a fun and relaxing environment.

Sign up with your friends

Are you two or more friends, who want to learn Danish? No problem! Contact Ahlburg Sprog for information about lessons together. Then we will compose the lessons, so they meet your needs.

It is also possible to sign up for a group with other persons from all around the country. Every group has a maximum of five persons, and there are three kinds of groups: Elementary, lower intermediate and intermediate.

Tailored prices

The prices depend on your needs. Contact me to get a great offer which matches your level, goal and needs.


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