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I´m Mikkel Ahlburg Byrgesen and I have started Ahlburg Sprog, which means Ahlburg Language.

I am an educated elementary school teacher with a focus in Danish language, kids with special needs, geography and social studies.

For four years I was teaching the upper classes in a school placed in Vejle Kommune.

In 2018 I chose to resign my position to try something new.

I was given the opportunity to come to Greece where I was offered a position in helping to build up a school for Danish / Greek children.

If you like, you can read more about the school here: Danish School in Chania

Alongside my work with the school, I worked as freelance with firms, who wanted their staff and managers to learn Danish and about the Danish culture.

In late 2019, I returned to Denmark, and I chose to build up a buisness, which offers to help companies and private persons, who want to learn or improve their Danish language.

Based on my long experience in teaching kids, teenagers and adults from all over the world I have a great knowlidge about motivation, cultures, focus for the individual student.

My own motivation is to help the individual to feel a part of a new culture. I have chosen to do that by teaching.

Because I know based on my own experience by living abroad how much it means to feel like a part of the new culture. To feel welcome and included.

Mikkel Ahlburg Byrgesen

Mikkel Ahlburg Byrgesen